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about the classes

Our classes embrace the elements of ashtanga, hatha & chakra yoga. Combining breathwork, movement & meditation to create inner balance, strength and an overall sense of health & wellbeing.

- yoga nidra/ meditation -

Using breathing techniques (pranyam) in a relaxing comfortable space, we will guide you through a spoken mediation, relaxing muscles, refocusing your mind and leaving you with an overall sense of peace and connection to your whole being.

- yoga classes -
Strengthening, stretching muscles & minds, increasing flexibility, core strength & posture, creating harmony both in class & in daily life.


 - yin classes -
Calming, centring & focusing bodies & thoughts through gradual, slow, mindful movements, increasing overall awareness of self.

The traditional sanskrit name of the word yoga means to join, union or unity. 
A connection to oneself, through the mind, body and the breath... 


Ashtanga Yoga is a style of yoga encompassing eight limbs or eight branches.  Asans (poses) is one limb and pranyam (breath work) is another.  This style of classical Indian yoga is based on the Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali.

The breath work we practice in our classes is designed to calm, centre and focus our bodies and thoughts.  The poses are designed to strengthen and stretch our muscles and our minds, creating a sense of inner balance and harmony in class and in our daily lives. 

We incorporate elements of the 8 limb ashtanga yoga practice into each one of our classes, as we believe this reconnects us with our mind, body and breath. 



Hatha yoga is designed to help us unite pairs of opposites together in our hearts, minds and bodies for the purpose of discovering something deeper within ourselves. Hatha yoga also embodies the ashtanga principals while delving into our senses - hot/cold, yin/yang, male/female, hard/soft, solid/flowing. The essence of this practice, brings together apparent opposites into a harmonious union, through poses and breathwork helping us to find our balance.  


The word chakra is the ancient sanskrit word for 'wheel'.  Traditional yogis were the first to write about the 7 chakras in the human body.  They are believed to be powerful energy centres, which bring in universal life energy and send it flowing through our bodies.  When this energy is flowing harmoniously, we are automatically more balanced in all aspect of our lives - emotionally, physically and mentally.  You cannot see the 7 coloured spinning discs of light within our normal vision, but it is possible to see them in our minds eye. 

We often incorporate poses (asans) in our classes to correlate with a particular chakra centre, to assist with the balance, grounding and unblocking of our energy.  This practice brings about clarity, calmness and awareness of how we interact with ourselves and others in daily life, making us more mindful of our actions and reactions. 

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