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Her Belief Naturopathy Teas

Her Belief Naturopathy Teas


We are proud to be stocking ‘Her Belief Naturopathy' signature blends of teas. 

These individually blended teas are calming and delicious with many health benefits. 


For Tea Winks Sleep helps to promote restful sleep.  Made with traditional nervine  herbs including organic withania, organic passionflower, organic valerian and organic skullcap. Together they combine synergistically to assist the body into a relaxed and calm state, inducing better sleep hygiene.  Each individual blend is made to the Solfeggio frequency of 528hz, known as the love frequency. 

Her belief signature blend combines organic elderberries, organic sage, eyebright and organic white tea and rose petals.  This subtle, calming blend helps clear and cleanse the body, assists with allergies and anti viral protection. 

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    Delivery is free of charge as your products will be delivered to your door within 5km radius of the studio or contact us to arrange studio pick up.


    Postage not available.

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