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My love of yoga started quite a few years ago. After falling ill, I was feeling lost and disconnected with myself.  A girlfriend was doing yoga at the time and encouraged me to come along.  I came away from my first class feeling clearer than I had in months.  My biggest realisation was how physically disconnected I had become from myself. Yoga has given me back my connection to my mind and body and also made me realise that I hadn't been listening to what I needed - a holistic approach to heal myself, so my yoga journey began.  I didn't want to just heal myself, I wanted to learn more, to study yoga and share this practice with everyone. 

I was introduced to an amazing human, Samir Rane who runs Yoga and Meditation school of India, and my training began. What a beautifully, life changing experience that was. Since completing my training, I began putting myself out into the community teaching yoga at Footscray Hospital, to an incredibly inspiring group of people at Ascot Vale Community Centre, and running classes from my home studio. I am feeling amazing and ready for this next adventure.

My love of yoga began many years ago, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience multiple forms of this beautiful practice over the past 15 years in classes, meditation groups and retreats. Yoga has supported and benefited me throughout my 2 pregnancies and many of life’s challenges.  Following my passion for yoga and my family, has led me to complete my yoga teacher training with an incredible man by the name of Samir Rane at the Yoga and Meditation school of India.


Along my journey so far I have also completed a children’s yoga teaching certification and qualifications in Reiki. 

I will always be a 'student' of this incredible practice, and I look forward to continuing my journey, growing and sharing along the way. 


My belief that yoga has enormous benefits for all has culminated in bringing ‘arbour’ to the Oak Park community. I teach kids yoga at our local kindergarten and along with Kim, work with community groups to extend yoga’s reach. 

about arbour

We met about two years ago at a yoga class and felt an instant connection, becoming firm friends, conversing and both knowing that we wanted to work together.  We assumed this would be in the area of healing, as we are both qualified reiki practitioners or creating women's circles. 
In 2017, we attended a yoga retreat, along with an incredible group of people, and while we were away we spoke about possibly opening up a yoga studio together.  Our idea has flourished into an amazing reality - the opening of our studio in Oak Park! This has been such an amazing, empowering, loving journey so far. 

Arbour was born out of our love of yoga.  It brings such calmness, balance and clarity into every aspect of our lives.  We are so grateful to be able to share this practice, knowledge and peaceful way of life, with not only our family and friends, but with our wider community.  
Our classes are created to empower each person to feel good about themselves, regardless of experience, physical ability or fitness level. 
We believe yoga should be accessible to everyone and our prices are a reflection of this. 
In the short time since Arbour began, we have been so grateful and humbled by the enormous support, positive feedback and beautiful people that have come our way.

90 winifred street
oak park
email: connect@arbour.info

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